Who We Are

Technical Skill



Reliable Corporate Team

Are the elements which enabled Terma Energia S.r.l. to grow up in the industrial and residential plant engineering air conditioning, thermo ventilation and air exhausting industry.

Through a rapid development process, over time we succeeded in implementing the most varied projects in the industrial and building industry, reaching the maximum degree of complexity and magnitude.

Our Target Market

The customers of Terma Energia S.r.l. are businesses and installers, contractors or sub-contractors of contractor jobs for lump sum and/or precision jobs, private individuals, businesses, condos, design professional firms that procure the vast range of ducts for the construction of autonomous or centralized air conditioning systems.

Air treatment and forced conduction is also provided to residential complexes, hotels, kitchens, manufacturing plants, hospitals, research centres and any other environments that need this type of application.

Product Distribution Procedure

The products installed by Terma Energia S.r.l., are delivered directly by the company to the building yards, where they will be later installed.


Through a careful monitoring of corporate costs by the administration management, Terma Energia S.r.l. is able to assure that the prices quoted are competitive and such that lead to gain shares in the target market.


Terma Energia S.r.l. is dealing with the construction, assembly and maintenance of air conditioning systems, air ducts and air conditioners of any kind, and the provision of all air conditioning-related services, materials and products.

List of Design and Works Management Engagements

  1. Engagement in the field of off/on shore platforms
  2. Engagements for hotels
  3. Engagements for hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes for the elderly
  4. Engagements for department stores and points of sale
  5. Engagements for banks
  6. Engagements for exhibition
  7. Engagements for the service industry
  8. Engagements for the pharmaceutical industry

Outline of our products and services

In compliance with the rules and regulations applicable to safety and environment:

  • Construction of industrial air conditioning systems;
  • Construction and installation of round, quadrangular air conditioning ducts, or special pieces made of plate and other materials.
  • Construction and installation of quadrangular air conditioning ducts in sandwich panels made of an insulating component in rigid foamed polyurethane coated on both sides with aluminium sheets for the construction of air distribution ducts.
  • Hydro-sanitary systems
  • Thermal power stations

Last Realizations

  • Complesso Immobiliare “ISOLA” Via De Castillia – Complesso “BOSCO VERTICALE” Milano
  • Procos – Azienda Farmaceutica Cameri (NO)
  • City Life – Nuovo Polo Urbanistico Milano
  • Vhit S.p.A. – Gruppo Bosh Offanengo (CR)
  • Hotel IDEA VERDE – Olgiate Olona (VA)
  • Area CAMPARI – Corpo Uffici Sesto S. Giovanni (MI)
  • Gucci – Milano
  • Edificio Torre e Monolite – Via Kuliscioff Milano
  • Expo Milano 2015 – Padiglione Enel, Padiglione Francia, Padiglione Italia
  • Versace S.p.A. – Reparti Produttivi di Novara e Archivio Storico (NO)
  • Palazzo Versace  – Routine Maintenance Via del Gesù Milano
  • Ferrero S.p.A. – New Building Alba (CN)
  • UNA Hotel – Milano
  • Gare de Cannes – Train Services Cannes  (FRANCIA)
  • BPS – Banca Popolare di Sondrio Filiale di Abbiategrasso (MI)
  • INPS – Sede di Mantova (MN)
  • FCA – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Stabilimento di Cassino (FR)
  • RSA Relais dell'Arcadia – Belgirate (VB)
  • Nuova RSA di Corbetta (MI)
  • HP Hewlett Packard – Sede di Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)
  • Aeroporto di Roma – Terminal 3 + Edifici Fiumicino (RM)
  • Mantero Seta S.p.A. – Como (CO)
  • Pomini Tenova S.p.A. – Castellanza (VA)
  • Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited – Fornitura Nigeria (AFRICA)
  • Bennet "C.C. Lecco Meridiana" – Lecco (LC)
  • Sirio – Varese (VA)
  • Tigotà – Vertemate Con Minoprio (CO)
  • Opera Cardinal Ferrari Onlus – Milano
  • American Graffiti "C.C. La Vetrina" – Cambiano (TO)
  • OVS "C.C La Vetrina" – Cambiano (TO)
  • Pittarello – "C.C La Vetrina" – Cambiano (TO)
  • Chanel – Milano
  • Complesso Scolastico – Camposanto (MO)
  • Tech Data – San Giuliano Milanese (MI)
  • Palazzo ADR – Fiumicino (RM)
  • O-I Manufacturing Italy S.p.A. – Origgio (VA)
  • Bennet "C.C. Le Grange" – Vercelli (VC)
  • DG Mosaic – Marcallo con Casone (MI)
  • Carrefour Market – Corso Garibaldi Milano
  • Carrefour Market – Chieri (TO)
  • Carrefour Market – Cremona (CR)
  • Feltrinelli RED "Scalo Milano City Style District" – Locate Triulzi (MI)
  • OBI – San Giuliano Milanese (MI)
  • KFC "C.C. Milanofiori Carrefour" – Assago (MI)
  • Euronics Brescia – Concesio (BS)
  • Burger King – San Giuliano Milanese (MI)
  • Fastweb Torino – Corso Re Umberto (TO)
  • Lidl – Cremona (CR)
  • Lidl – Reggio Emilia (RE)
  • Lidl – Biella (BI)
  • Lidl – Ivrea (TO)
  • Yamamay – C.C. Malpensa Uno Gallarate (VA)
  • Yamamay –  Busto Arsizio (VA)

Assurance and Reliability

The key of our success in the above fields should be sought in the combination of several elements that are monitored and updated on an ongoing basis:

  • Professional refresh
  • Selected and skilled staff
  • Special focus on accident-prevention and environment-protection rules and regulations
  • Skilled management

added to an in-depth analysis of the specific requirements of each and every system, an accurate planning of high-quality executive solutions and accurate control, inspection and testing of product.

Business Organization Details 

Type and location of suppliers:

Suppliers of raw materials chiefly consist of trading companies and are based in Italy in the range of approximately 300 km from the company’s premises.

Suppliers of accessories and components chiefly consist of manufacturing companies also situated in the range of 200/300 km from the company’s premises.

Suppliers can be easily reached; therefore, checking raw materials and components supplied and the logistic organisation for any such products is quite easy.

Strategy Adopted on the Occasion of Order Peaks or Loss of Strategic Suppliers

Orders to be processed and orders to be confirmed are accurately planned beforehand on an ongoing basis in order to monitor the trend in prices of raw materials and accessories, and any availability thereof at suppliers.

To prevent that any shortage of goods at a given supplier may affect the production schedule, constant relationships are kept with several strategic suppliers for each type of raw materials and components.