Terma Energia S.r.l.

Systems of Conditioning - Thermo Ventilation - Aspiration

Working and Cut Stainless Steel - Galvanized - Aluminum - Copper

Systems and Hydraulic Maintenance

The Terma Energia S.r.l. work in the field of the system civilian and manufacturer of the conditioning, termoventilazione, aspiration air and in the management diimpianti idrauliciper which offer a consolidated experience in the field is in Italy that abroad.

Our activities space from the construction to the installation of lead for the distribution air in galvanized steel, inox, aluminum, copper and panel in polyurethane, to the management of systems, the conduction and maintenance.

Experience and Organization allow us to supply to the Customer support to the planning, technical advising, reliefs of yard before and during the realization of the intense activities; all to guarantee that the executed job will be realized in the times previewed like from contract and perfectly.

Our objective is from always that to satisfy to the full load our customers.

The quality of the produced ones from realized We, the attention for the Customer beginning from the starting phase and the continuous search of the perfection is in Our productive unit is in phase of installation in yardthey afford a constant control on the advance of the intense activities and allow the respect of costs and tempistiche like from capitulated and plan.


The Terma Energia S.r.l. takes care of construction, assembly and maintenance of systems of conditioning and systems hydraulic engineers, of ducts of air and air conditioners of every type.


We realize lead of distribution air and special pieces in galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and panel polyurethane, we supply quasiasi type of accessory relating to the conditioning air.

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